The Pennsylvania AHEC, in partnership with your school, is seeking to help meet the primary care needs of our communities and to make health careers training a more valuable experience. Results from this survey will be used to support these goals. All survey responses are confidential. Data will only be used within the AHEC program and never for commercial purposes.

Date of Completion: January 18 2018
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Demographics What is the ZIP code of where you lived for most of your high school years?

What is your gender? MALE   |   FEMALE
What is your year of birth?

What ethnicity best desribes you?
Hispanic/Latino   |   Non-Hispanic/Non-Latino

What race best describes you? (select all that apply)
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African-American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

What is your veteran status?
Not a Veteran
Active Duty Military
Veteran-Prior Service
Training Program What best describes the educational program in which you are currently enrolled?
Allopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine
Medical Resident
Medical Fellow
Dental School
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Nursing - LPN
Nursing - RN
Nursing - Nurse Practitioner
Nursing - Nurse Midwife
Nurse Anesthetist
Nursing - MSN (other advanced practice nursing)
Physician Assistant
Graduate Public Health
Graduate Psychology
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapist

Do you intend to practice in Pennsylvania? YES   |   NO
Do you intend to practice in a Primary Care Setting? YES   |   NO
Do you intend to practice in a Medically Underserved Area? YES   |   NO
Do you intend to practice in a Rural Area? YES   |   NO
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